Welcome to GlobalWatch Films

GlobalWatch Films is a British film production company, established to develop and produce a slate of ambitious, exciting mainstream film projects with maximum commercial appeal to UK and international audiences. We are approved under the UK Government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) which, in conjunction with the UK Government’s other tax incentives for the film industry, offer the potential for exceptional returns for investors.


No other industry offers the same excitement and glamour to investors as the film industry. Where else can you walk the red carpet, meet the stars, visit film sets and even appear on film and still potentially make huge profits?

2009 Paranormal Activity 655,505%
2003 Open Water 34,666%
2004 Supersize Me 22,614%
2004 Napoleon Dynamite 11,500%
2013 The Purge 2,133%
2008 Slumdog Millionaire 943%
This is due to the generous tax reliefs of the UK Government, including the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Film Tax Credit (FTC), all of which work to de-risk investment in industries like film. In fact due to these reliefs, circumstances exist where films can make a total loss yet investors could still make a small profit from their investment* - and if the films make a profit this can be distributed to investors TAX FREE. So there’s never been a better time to invest in British films.

Financial benefits of investing

GlobalWatch is using the SEIS to raise the first £150,000 of the budget for each of its feature films from investors. The SEIS is the most generous of all the tax relief schemes run by the UK Government, and provided investors are UK taxpayers they could benefit from lucrative tax benefits including:
  • 50% return on their investment within the first year GUARANTEED (direct from HMRC via the SEIS Income Tax relief, giving a rebate against an investor’s Income Tax bill for either the current or previous tax year worth up to 50% of their investment, irrespective of their Income Tax rate)
  • One-off, time-limited 100% Capital Gains tax write-off on other investments if you reinvest those gains in SEIS investments before 5 April 2014 via SEIS Capital Gains Tax Reinvestment relief
  • No Capital Gains tax payable on any future profits via SEIS Disposal relief
  • And if the worst happens and the film fails to recoup any of its costs, SEIS Loss relief minimising your losses to a maximum of 27.5% (for 45% taxpayers not claiming Capital Gains Tax Reinvestment relief) or even a small profit of 0.5% (for 45% taxpayers claiming 28% Capital Gains Tax Reinvestment relief)*
*Calculations above based on UK Income Tax payer paying 45% Income Tax rate with Capital Gains Tax due on other investment reinvesting their gain in an SEIS company, carrying back full SEIS Income Tax relief and Capital Gains Tax Reinvestment relief upon investment to the previous 2012/13 tax year and claiming full SEIS Loss relief in the event of a total failure of the film.

Other great benefits

But investing in film is not just about the financial benefits, great as they are – investors in GlobalWatch film projects will be eligible for a range of other exclusive benefits including:
  • getting involved as an extra on camera or behind the scenes
  • visiting the set for VIP days
  • exclusive Pre-Production and Wrap parties, hanging out with the stars of the film
  • a personal credit on the titles of the film as well as your own entry on the Internet Movie Database (www.IMdB.com)
  • exclusive memorabilia from filming
  • first peek at the final cut of the film at test screenings
  • invitations for you and your family to the red carpet Premiere and After Party
  • and for larger investors an Executive Producer credit on the titles of the film and its poster, along with real script input and a cameo role for you or a family member