About the SEIS

The UK Government introduced the SEIS in 2016 to stimulate investment in small and start-up British companies by offering substantial tax incentives to investors. Companies can seek investment of up to £150,000 from multiple investors, while individual investors can invest up to £100,000 per year across a range of SEIS-qualifying companies.

GlobalWatch offers HMRC-approved SEIS investments in its feature film projects for the first £150,000 of investment (subject to a maximum shareholding per investor of 30% per SPV).

Provided they qualify, investors will be able to claim Income Tax relief equaling up to 50% of their investment, and receive any profits from their investment in the SPV tax-free.

In addition, all investments made before 5 May 2019 can be treated as having been made in the 2017-18 tax year, allowing investors to write-off up to 100% of any Capital Gains Tax due that tax year, provided the gains are reinvested in SEIS companies like GlobalWatch.

All GlobalWatch SPVs will be maintained to ensure SEIS (and if required EIS) compliance and eligibility for investors.

The SEIS reliefs in summary

  • Income Tax relief: a rebate of 50% of the amount invested in shares against Income Tax liabilities of up to £50,000
  • Capital Gains Tax Exemption relief: on disposal of shares in the Company if held for at least three years
  • Capital Gains Tax Reinvestment relief: 100% relief on all gains made from disposal made in the tax year 2016-17 or 50% of those made in 2016-17 which are then re-invested in SEIS companies
  • Inheritance Tax relief: if the shares have been held for at least two years in most cases
  • Loss relief: should the investment fail to recover the amount invested or where an investor sells their shares at a loss, the loss (after deducting SEISIncome Tax relief – see above) may be set against an investor’s chargeable gains or taxable income in that year or the previous year